Drum & Reiki Circles

  • Drums are provided

Chakra Balancing

    • Learn about your Chakras and how to balance their energy!
    • What we’ll go over:
      • What are Chakras and their colors
      • How to move elevate stagnate energy in the Chakras
      • For advanced groups: We’ll go over types of crystals and essential oils that can assist with the movement and balancing of Chakra energy.

Intuition 101

      • Learn how to tap into your inner wisdom!
      • We’ll go over:
        • What is intuition
        • How to connect to it
        • Practice connecting with our intuition and defining how we know we’re connected.

Scent of Love

        • Great for a girl’s night in! Using herbs, crystals and oils to create a blend to manifest the love you seek. Whether you’re looking to manifest self-love, repair or reinvigorate a love, or attract a mate – we’ll tap into essence of your sensuality and create a scent just for you.

Find Your Inner Goddess

        • Walk with spirit to reveal the goddess that resides within you!
        • This is a ceremonial ritual. We’ll create an offering of herbs and a written intention to spirit, which you’ll place in the center of the circle.

Ritual Blending

        • Through plant medicine we can help free your spirit from whatever may be weighing it down. Using the energetic healing abilities of essential oils, we can heal grief, fear, anxiety, guilt and depression.

Pendulum Class

        • Have you felt drawn to a pendulum, but need guidance in how to use it? This class is for you. We’ll get you connected
        • What we’ll go over:
          • Brief history of the pendulum
          • How to use a pendulum
          • The different movements of a pendulum and what they mean
          • When you’d use a pendulum

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