I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your gift that the universe has bestowed upon you. I recently came to your office for massage therapy. Upon my arrival we talked as always and I shared with you a few things that I was dealing with personally.
Instead of the massage therapy, we decided to go a different route and focus more on Reiki and healing energy. As we embraced this connection, you told me that you sensed I was struggling with a decision or choice I had made but in reality my heart (spirit) was not connected.
I had been presented an opportunity to relocate to California almost two months prior. I turned it down because I  couldn’t come to an monetary agreement with them to make such an audacious move. I was torn because I really wanted to relocate. You spoke to me and said that I needed to contact them again and this was not over.
After the session, I sent the CFO a email very casual just stating that I was just touching base and wanted to keep in touch. I did not mention the opportunity nor did I ask about it. A couple days past and I was contacted by the CFO asking me was I available for consideration and when could we talk in detail. I told her yes and we set up a time to speak the next day. We talked and she offered the opportunity to me with the monetary requirements I had initially asked for.
I was completely blown away being that almost 2 months had past. So I am moving to California and begin this next journey into my life on August 4th.
So again thank you for allowing the universe to use you as a gift to guide me to enquire and reach out to the organization. I am grateful for you and for the universe!!” 
“Hi Julia, I had my first ever Reiki treatment/massage with you at the Marriott Harbor Beach Hotel about a year ago. It was a spiritual awakening for me! Upon my return to ri, I immediately ordered and read the book you recommended for me ( Anatomy of Spirit) and enlisted in Reiki I, followed up with Reiki II and two weeks ago finished Reiki III. I also took two classes in Shamanism with Foster Perry, and am reading extensively about Ayurveda. I am returning to Florida in January and was wondering if you taught the Masters class? Reiki I, II, and III were taught hands on technique, where you worked “sans hands” through the aura.

My first experience with you was not only an awakening , but it was one of a most intense out of body experience that i will never forget! Attending classes in Reiki I, II, and III, was amazing but never approached the level of intensity/energy as I felt that day with you! I would really love your thoughts on that, and also if there would be a class that i could attend with you on my return to Florida in January sometime. The exact date has not been booked, rather i thought i would see first if you taught the Master class, and if it was something that i could take with you around your schedule. As i stated I would love your thoughts and advise on it!”


“It is with the deepest of Gratitude that I write this message this morning to wonderful woman/shaman Healing Practitioner, and dear friend. Yesterday was transformed from one of fear and worry to a day of peace, acceptance and awareness to the miracle of the journey. It was began when I asked Julia to accompany me on my journey through an abnormal mammogram and surgical Biopsy (I had never had surgery before and was walking into the unknown with the fear of some of the technical words given to me by MD’s who with good intentions, knowing I am an oncology nurse were speaking to me in Dr., rather compassionate caregiver (not finding fault that is what they know.)

Julia set up an appointment at her lovely and Healing Center for two days before surgery, for a special session of connection to self She calls “PATHWAYS TO HEALING AND ACCEPTANCE”. We worked in meditation to the beautiful sound of a heart beat using oils and herbs to create my own medicine bag. oil blend and crystal to be carried with me on day of surgery. I immediately felt safe and protected and knew all would be well. Julia checked in with me again the next day to find out time of admission and promised to be t there to greet me at the HCH Women s Center at check in. She was. It was set up ahead of time with my marvelous Surgeon Dr. J C that Julia would be at my side before during and after surgery.

I had to have guide wires placed under floro first so the surgeon could be exact and Julia was with me there. Radiologist and assistant were very impressed at the grace and ease of the procedure what usually takes an hour was done in 30 minutes. They were all happy. Back to pre-op and my medicine bag became the center of attention.. Every nurse and even the staff from the front desk came back to hold it set its intention and get a waft of the beautiful aroma that was being released. This was definitely universe at work as each nurse became more peaceful and calm as they walked away…Stating, “this should be with everybody that comes through here. Its so calm in here this morning.” My bag was taped to my gown on my chest and each nurse gave it one last deep breath. Julia did a wonderful chakra connection and grounded me well. I was having some fear of going to sleep. As she worked I drifted off safe and protected………I awoke feeling as if I had never moved from where I was…

Julia was working on me and I had no pain, no nausea, just peace…..Withing 45 minutes I was sitting up dressed and ready to go home. My dear dear husband and best friend greeted me and they and Julia gave me so much love I felt nothing but blessed joy. Julia told me that it was so peaceful in the OR that it was a joy to be a part of the team. I went home and still felt Julia working on me through the evening. With a light dinner and only one pain pill (at my husbands request) my evening was uneventful.

This morning I need no medication, I am having my tea and listening to the birds there is no swelling, minimal bruising and I feel whole and complete. As a patient I believe the compassionate energy work that I received and participated in with Julia was vital to the way I was able to perceive my surgery, without anxiety and experience the feeling of being cared for, instead of a very fearful and stressful event. As an Oncology nurse for 27 years and A Healing Touch Practitioner myself, I have seen evidence that Energy Medicine should be integrated into the Healthcare arena as a vital part of the healthcare team. Prevention of anxiety, reduction of stress, and promotion for healing and wellness has shown time and time again in research to lower blood pressure, reduce pain (less medication needed) improve and promote the healing process.(less hospitalization) build the immune system (less infections). I could go on and on.

I encourage any one going through any kind of healthcare issue no matter how small, Look closely at what you are doing for yourself in regard to self care and wellness….It is never selfish to take care of yourself it is your responsibility. A lesson we must all learn. I myself am guilty of putting myself last many times a day. But I am learning the more powerful I am the more I can give others.. Thank you Julia for your wonderful gifts and endless devotion to service to all that ask…..There is great love for you here…..” 

Marry Ann Watson, RN, CHTP

“I started seeing Julia at Healing Essence for Energy Work as a way to fuel myself since I work in a very emotionally draining Industry. I soon discovered that Julia offered an array of services including work with crystals, different types of massage work and aromatherapy. In one visit I felt physically lighter and better. I also have an autoimmune condition which requires me to have chemotherapy infusions every six months. I had my last session with Julia the day before my infusion as she suggested that this type of work could assist me in feeling better following my infusion. By the second and third day after the infusion I was feeling so good that I had to call Julia and ask her about the magic she performed. This was the first time in four years that I have been having infusions that I felt so good so soon. I have decided that seeing Julia would now be a part of my health care regime. I highly recommend seeing Julia for anyone who suffers from stress or any health related conditions.

Thanks so much Julia,

You really are gifted.”

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