Approved by the Florida Board of Massage | Provider #: 50-12768

Essential Oils & Chakras (2 Day 12 CEU’s)

This introductory course into Therapeutic-grade essential oils will establish a basic foundation for 21 essential oils. You will learn the language of aromas, buzzwords, therapeutic properties, blending guidelines and safety information. In addition, you will be given recipes on how to safely use the oils, effectively create your own blends and apply each oil spiritually when associated with a chakra for healing and meditative purposes. This class is welcome for any individual who is interested in essential oil blending for personal or business use. Class cost: $375.00. This Course Will Cover:

12 hours of instruction that includes: PowerPoints, lectures, demonstrations, student trades, and Q&A.

Receive recipes, book-list, resource information and questions to ask your supply companies.

Analyze data sheets on 21 essential oils that include: emotional qualities, chemical families and a therapeutic chart.

Review of the seven Chakras, corresponding crystals and their essential oils.

Perform three-four hands on activities (depending on class size) that include: 1 therapeutic blend and 1 meditation blend using 1-ounce bottles.

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Crystal Healing (8 CEU’s)

Designed to inform, stimulate, and educate those who are seeking to enhance their practice to include the healing properties inherent within the mineral kingdom. This is a hands – on workshop. Come prepared to personally experience the synergistic power of crystals learn how they may help balance our body’s energy field and their corresponding chakra. Learning Outcomes each participant will learn:

The basic seven crystals related to the seven chakras

How to recognize their metaphysical and healing principles in relation to the chakras

Hands-on activity using a pendulum to assess the energy field

To make a healing grid

Proper Care for Crystals

Practice Session with pendulum pre treatment and post treatment body assessment

How to select a crystal for mediating

Closing meditation

This class is 8 Contact Hours for LMT’s. It is approved by the Florida Board of Massage: Provider #50-12768 Tracking Number: 20-510768. This course is designed to inform, stimulate, and educate those who are seeking to enhance their knowledge and understanding of crystals in relation to the body, mind, and spirit. Tuition: Check: $200.00 and Online: $205.00

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Reiki: Level One: 2 Days (16 CEU’s)

Introduction to Reiki, Tools & Techniques, First Degree Attunement initiation, Using Reiki, Self care Benefits, Practice session, questions/answer period, closing meditation.

Reiki: Level Two: 2 Days (16 CEU’s)

Feedback from Level I, Second Degree Attunement, learn/apply/discuss the three Sanskrit Symbols, Practice session, questions/answer period, closing meditation.

Reiki: Level Three: 2 Days (16 CEU’s)

Feedback from Level II, Third Degree Attunement, (learn,apply,discuss) the six symbols and method to pass-on attunements, question/answer period, closing meditation. (Level III is generally a two day class. If time is of the consequence, I can pass on the attunement in a one day class and show you how to attune others. It is up to my students, and their own efforts that make them a Master Teacher.) (Practice, Practice, Practice) Should you be interested I offer further training to our path of enlightenment! Yes there is always more… Crystal Healing- optional class offered. (Class fee is $250.00 each for Level I & II. Level III is $300.00 all materials are included, $50.00 deposit is required in advance.)

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Additional Classes & Guest Speaking

Women’s Drum Circles

Drumming classes at your location

Pendulum Class

Goddess, spiritual, love blending classes

Meditation, Crystals & Essential Oil Blending Class

Chakra aromatherapy crystal intuitive blending

Private consultations by appointment

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